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Explore the benefits of migrating to the cloud and take full advantage of them

We have experience helping customers effectively store data in the AWS Cloud while provisioning continuous storage across their on-premise and cloud environments to support business continuity. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we leverage cloud storage solutions, including backup, cloud NAS, archiving, disaster recovery, and file transfer.


Devco can help you to migrate and modernize your legacy databases to the AWS Cloud Platform, giving you the processing power, scalability, and uptime to support your most complex applications at a lower cost.



Application Modernization

Modernize your existing apps to take full advantage of the cloud with containers, serverless computing, microservices, and more.


Cloud Migration


Database Services

Migrate and modernize your legacy databases giving you the scalability and high availability at a lower cost.



Implement DevOps best practices and tools to accelerate innovation and increase organizational agility.


Machine Learning

Create automated machine learning programs that improve over time and discover insights about your customers.

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