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The Devco Bootcamp is a study plan that allows the growth and development of the talent of young people who want to belong to our company,  offering them not only the opportunity to be trained by experts and passionate about technology, but also comes with a fixed-term contract for two months, which is the duration that the seedbed will have, this contract comes with a salary of 2,500,000 COP and all legal benefits.


1. They will be evaluated to measure their knowledge through an algorithm test and the 4 best will be selected.

2. Commitment of the people chosen with the organization and the programmed activities is required.

3. The seedbed will be approved with 85%, those participants who obtain the best performance will have the opportunity to join the company.

4. Full-time availability is required to attend the seedbed.

Only 100 places will be open for registration.


*Applies only for Spanish speaking person*