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DevOps and Testing Case

10 Million Customers

Working hand in hand with Devco, deployment times were improved, failure recovery times were significantly reduced, and applications started being developed with higher quality, due to the assurance of the automated application tests.

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Testing Case

We Tripled Deliveries

Together, the client and Devco, working as a team and supported by test automation and continuous delivery flow, it was possible to increase the number of value deliverables by three times more than before (3x) and move the client from a completely manual certification to one now supported by automation.

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DevOps Case

We Sped Up Deployments

With Devco's guidance, the company went from an average of 24 incidents caused by mismanaged deployments to 1 incident per year on average. Additionally, we improved deployment capacity by going from 1 deployment every two weeks to a new frequency of 2 times per week.

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Cloud Design Case

A Cost Efficient Solution

A technology company, whose expertise is in the creation of financial software, together with Devco, was able to evolve a set of applications completely designed for on-premise so that they could work on AWS. Thus, enabling the expansion that their financial clients wanted to implement: reach new international markets and be cost efficient with technological resources.

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Cloud Migration Case

Successful Migrations to the Cloud

As a key partner, Devco was involved in the migration process from initiation to completion: from architectural design, implementation, and deployment, to how applications would be configured and deployed on AWS, all while maintaining and guaranteeing software standards and good delivery practices.

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Web Development Case

Eliminating 100% of Bugs

Web application rearchitecting was implemented with the technical expertise of our Devco team in alliance with the client's core IT team. We sought to guarantee good development practices, adjust and update the procedures to address the initial requirements, and implement continuous improvement.


Testing Case

Achieving the Expected Value

Devco embedded themselves within the client's teams to more effectively restructure process automations, verify compliance with best practices, and ensure that the construction and execution of the automations were of significant value.

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They are all extremely committed to their fields, they are knowledgeable and they like to learn and take on new challenges.


I highly recommend Devco because of your team and your people. They really are references of service and commitment, they are excellent, therefore, Devco is recommended.


Thank you for the contribution you make to us, because it has been key in the evolution of tests and DevOps practices in our company.

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